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Woodland Academy

Academy Unlimited Classes 

Academy Mon/Wed 530-7pm

Academy Tue/Thu 530-7pm

Junior Academy

Junior Academy Tue/Thu 4-530pm

Drop In

Academy / Junior Academy (90 min)

Standard Class (60 min)

Private Lessons

Mark 60 minutes $60 / Mark 30 minutes $35

Sunny 60 minutes $50 / Sunny 30 minutes $25

Twice a Week Classes

Youth Beginner/Intermediate (Ages 10-18) Mon/Wed 430-530pm

Quick Start Beginner (Ages 4-6) Tue/Thu 3-4pm

Adult Intermediate (USTA 3.0+) Mon/Wed 9-10am

Once a Week Classes

Youth Beg/Int (Ages 10-18) Mon/Wed 430–530pm

Quick Start Beginner (Ages 4-6) Tue/Thu 3-4pm

Quick Start Beginner (Ages 4–6) Sat 9-10am

Quick Start Intermediate (Ages 6–10) Sat 10-11am

Adult Intermediate (USTA 3.0+) Mon/Wed 9-10am

Adult Beginner Tue 8-9pm





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